Asian Short Duration

Why Asian Short Duration Bonds?

Short duration bonds are a way for investors to mitigate market volatility and rising interest rates. AXA Investment Managers offers a range of short duration strategies with exposure to attractive growth markets while maintaining a compelling risk / return profile, Asian Short Duration Bond is one of the key feature in the recent years.

Here are three key reasons why you should consider Asian Short Duration Bond with us:


Exposure to fast growing and dynamic Asian credit markets.

Asia stands firm as a strong engine of global growth. We think the Asian credit market is large, diverse and has many highly rated issuers.  Asian credit enjoys higher ratings, lower defaults and wider credit spreads, as well as a lower historical risk / return vs US and Emerging Markets. With credit expsoure to this fast growing region, it may give potential benefits to your portfolio.


Ability to mitigate the impact of market volatility

Our short duration focus captures a significant part of the overall Asian credit market yield and return through active credit selection, while benefiting during market downturns from the lower volatility of shorter maturity bonds. How short duration investing offers lower volatility and drawdowns when compared to the wider, all maturities markets? This is predominantly because the price of bonds that are closer to maturity tends to be closer to par than longer duration bonds, and the discounted value of coupon payments is less sensitive to changes in interest rates.


Experienced, local insight

Our experienced, Asian-based team uses a disciplined, total return approach that blends fundamental and technical analysis which aims to capture the most attractive opportunities throughout market cycles.


Who is Asian Short Duration Bond for?

Investors who are: 

  1. Seeking yield without taking too much volatility
  2. Seeking to reduce interest rate risk
  3. Considering portfolio diversification


Why invest with AXA Investment Managers for Asian Short Duration Bond?

We have an experienced investment team with a local presence.

Our team uses a comprehensive investment approach which blends fundamental and technical analysis. We have over a decade of experience in managing short duration strategies globally.


  • 14 Years average experience of local Asian credit expertise*
  • 18 Years’ experience managing short duration strategies globally*
  • 130 Fixed Income investment professionals working across every major market*
  • 11 Short duration strategies across different markets*


* as of March 2020. 

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