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Iggo's insight

Bumps in the road

Numerous factors continue to impact on the production and distribution of goods and the smooth operation of labour markets. Output numbers can be impacted and investor sentiment might be challenged b ...

Responsible investment

ESG and financial returns: The academic perspective

An increasing amount of academic research is showing that the incorporation of environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can potentially lead to better performance for both companies and the ...


A lifetime of gender inequality: What investors can do

Investors’ focus on diversity has principally centred on female representation in the board room. But in this research paper we study the dynamics of gender inequality throughout a woman’s entire wor ...

The Evolving Economy

Sustainability: What will your impact be?

As the impact of human activities on the planet continues to rise on the global agenda, sustainable living and responsible investment have become the clarion calls of our time.

Responsible investment

A look at why we believe 2019 will be green

Although 2018 may have fallen short of investors' expectations, we maintain that there are reasons to remain positive about the growth of the green bond market.

Iggo's insight

Searching for higher yields

The interest rate outlook remains challenging for fixed income investors whose base currency is Euros, Swiss francs, and Japanese yen.


UK 2019 outlook

The UK’s economic outlook is materially dependent on how the country leaves the European Union


2019 Investment strategy

The QE tide is reversing, putting downward pressure on asset prices and upward pressure on correlations


Japan 2019 outlook

We expect the BoJ to stick to the Yield Curve Control framework made more permanent last July.