Small Cap Equities

What are Small Caps?

In simple terms, Small Caps are companies with small market capitalisations. While what constitutes ‘small’ varies from market to market, they tend to share a number of characteristics across markets, in particular, they tend to be poorly covered by analysts and offer the potential for both high risk and high growth.

Why consider active exposure to Small Caps?

Investors have often overlooked smaller companies. However, investors are increasingly recognising their potential benefits as part of a core allocation.

Due to their specialised nature, Small Caps tend to be covered by fewer analysts and, thus, are more likely to be mispriced. Also by nature of their flexibility and market economics, innovative Small Caps are often positioned towards the higher growth areas of the economy and themes of innovation.

Our approach to active Small Cap investing

With more than 20 years of experience in Small Cap investing, both our global and European-focused teams combine Small Cap expertise with deep company insights formed through exhaustive management meetings and a bottom up approach to stock selection. Our strategies cover Global, UK and Europe.