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Responsible investment

People power: The post-COVID rise of social impact investing

As the global economy moves to a more sustainable model in the years ahead, attention often falls on climate change as the standout challenge. The COVID-19 response has allowed us to envisage a world ...

The Evolving Economy

How the pandemic is focusing investors on the future

Five trends that indicate where the world is heading

Responsible investment

Decade of Transition: Why a Socially Aware Investment Approach Pays Dividends

The pandemic has pushed the “S” of ESG to the top of the news agenda. Social welfare concerns have forced companies to scramble to keep employees safe, while investors are demanding a fair deal for

Responsible investment

Evolving economy: On the lookout for leaders as opportunities grow

It has been estimated that around 75% of the infrastructure that will be needed in 2050 does not yet exist . That simple estimate signals significant change ahead for investors – and significa ...

The Evolving Economy

From home automation to self-driving cars: the 3 faces of senior-friendly technology

Innovation is increasingly adapting to the older generation. And not just in the health sector: here’s how technology is set to change the face of home life and travel for “silver surfers”

The Evolving Economy

The thousand faces of the sharing economy (and how our society is changing)

Use instead of ownership, but also more personalized and sustainable consumption in the name of socialization: this is how the sharing economy has turned traditional business models upside down, lead ...

Responsible investment

Veganism: from the table to investments

With increasing awareness of the environmental impact of our food, more and more consumers are changing their diet in favour of vegan options. Even the financial market is following the trend. This n ...

Responsible investment

Decade of Transition: The Value of Corporate Governance in a More Sustainable World

This part of the Decade of Transition series focuses on the “G” of ESG investment—how governance is increasingly influenced by investors engaging with companies about their impact on the world ...

Macro insights

Why green energy is nowhere near bubble territory

Last year an extraordinary shift took place among both corporates and investors in their collective attitude to green energy.